What do I do…

I need to really think long and hard what my true passions are. I know I like to help  people. I love social media. I’m trying to do more things online in too many areas. With that I can’t dedicate enough time to anyone area. What I need to do is decide which areas are the most important and go with those.


I have a Dilemma

How many social media network profiles do you really need? To answer that is I just don’t know.  I have just too many to count and let alone update on a regular basis. If I could update and maintain all my networks, I am on I would have. I know people pay for services like that. Most people only have time to have a few. With me,  I have too much time on my hands, and I just love to network with people on all networks. When someone says try this new network out, I have to try it out.  Most of the time I just love it, yet other times I don’t.  I love them all so much I can’t manage all of them. The ones I use the most have the most interaction with and my biggest networks. Some networks I just use.

At times I….

At times I think I’m too connected on the web.

At times I think i’m not.

At times I just don’t know.

At times I just don’t know were the time has gone.