Does a person need a Education to get a job?

Does a person need a education to to get a job? For the the most part yes. But some of use would rather build networks of people and eventually get a job from that. I’m not looking for a big time job right away. I will find one through networking a low end job because that is what i’m qualified for. A very basic job. I don’t want to be making millions. Some people love making money. Others would rather be helping people and not making any money at all. I don’t make any money literally. If it wasn’t for the autism I would be better off than I am right now. If you don’t have that great of communication skills your screwed in life. That is me. But because of the Autism college was to much for me. Yes I would love to live on my own and be able to afford anything I want, but I can’t. The computer has been a more of a blessing than a curse. Heck because of it, I have found I can actually write better than I thought I could. I can network with many people around the world. I can talk to people not in person. Yeah I love talk to people in person. But my love is to talk to people online.