Some days are good other days are well……..

There are days were you want to rule the world. And Yet there are days you just do not. The last few days I rather not talk about. These I feel like nothing but gaming to destress. I play many games to do that. But the one I play more than anything else is minecraft. Minecraft is a sand block game were you have control over everything. And I feel in control when i’m playing it. Most days i wish my head was in control but only one thing i know with get that in shape prayer or meds. I pick prayer it works better than meds. But I could still use some meds as well. At times. I just don’t like the side effects that are from it. They all feel like you are a zombie like living creature. But I know in times you have to have to take them so you don’t do or say irrational things. That get you kicked out of a group. Yes at times I wish I had them but most of the time I just won’t take them for any reason. Even if it would help me. Why would I take something if  the Creator did not create it. You know the creator has the power to heal everything. But you just have to keep knocking at the door. Most people don’t get heal because they either don’t know or don’t know how to. For me I know how to but allot of the time I just don’t want to. That is the problem with everyone they know how to fix the problems but they don’t know to get the word out. There I see so many thing I could do, to fix things around the neighbour hood but I choose not to. I’m to timid and shy to do that. If I was not. I could do many more things to help more people. Not just the people in my local town but all around the world. Everyone can do there part to help each other just respect each other and live side beside. People them selves don’t bother me. Its there actions that bother me more than there phsyical being. I for one can tell allot from people if there heart is open. For help if its not, you can’t help them no matter how hard you try. Most of the world is like this. You do something nice and all you get is thanks. But in reallity they are saying screw you I just took this from you and I really don’t care about you. I want just things you gave me. And that my frineds and why people are so ignorant these days. They just don’t know how to be gratefull for what they have been given. Some times i’m the same way screw you I say but in my heart. But most of the time I just say thank and I really mean it. But in the end I just love to see love and not hate. Hate brings missery to all around. Even those you don’t mean it to.