All People Have Purpose

All people that you know in real life and online. They all have purpose. Why are you friends with them? Some of them are business professionals you have but can’t really use the services because you don’t have a business yet. Some are just plan cool to talk to. Others are your friends with but don’t know why you became friends with them in the first place. With me some contacts are like that. But I generally don’t delete people from my friends list unless they break one rule I have.  If you are out spoken anti-Israel I would break all contacts with you. There are some people I know they are but they are not outspoken about it. But we all in some sort of category. If I had the skills to organize better than I would have a hit website buy now, but I don’t. I do have some Ideas on how this website would love and feel. But one thing I don’t have is the money to actually produce the Ideas I have. Skills come in to play as well. But in the end the site would be based on helping people. Some areas would be social media, with sub categories.  In the end I just have lot of contacts. Not sure how to organize the contacts I have so I might be able to use there services latter in time. 


Our days of …

Our days are few

but many in the same time

we know how to say

but not how to say

There are many  who know who i am 

But those who know are not of mine 

they know me but don’t obey me

they know of who I am but not what I am

some say i am 

yet others say i’m not but yet others know of me

don’t know of me.

those of who I am

in know me those how i am

knocking knowing me but

there are many who know me but don’t at the say time.

who gives life and not death 

death is not of me 

but of who i am not 

I give life and don’t take it away 

my life  is taken from me fro you 

for you is why I am here is why I am not hear but in you all 

some know some don’t all know me

Why do things happen?

This is an age old question of why both good and bad things happen to people.

Things that seam bad at first may be a blessing in disguise.

If your kicked from a certain group it could be that its your fault or you just did not fit in to the group.

Some things happens for reasons out of your control.

Which in my case it was in my control.

But I did not heed the warning and it was to late to fix the problem.

But what if you were accused of something that you did not do.

But, were no were close to the spot

Then What?

What is the question?

How did this happen to me and not another person?

But I know what I did.

Everyone knows what they do even if they they say they don’t.

I did go over board but, did I?

If you jump to conclusions Then you just get beat down and kicked.

For something you should of never wrote.

And because of this you are no longer part of the group.

Steamrolled over others and you.

Have you ever wondered why people steamroll over you?
You can say something and not be so.
Your actions tend to speak more than words.
Online its all about words and actions.
You may say and do something that you turn to regret.
For we have done something to run over someone to make our selves feel better at times.
In the end all we accomplish is make things worse.
You may or may not notice till its to late.
Till your kicked or banned from a group because you were not following your values.
The values we all have to listen to.
You must love your neighbor.
Even though you don’t agree with everything they say or do.
Rule number one to love your neighbor as your self
If you hate your self how can you love others?
You just can’t and you steamroll over them.
Not knowing that you did until its to late.
This is what I just did steamrolled over a group I am or was part of.
I was kicked for a while to sort out my life.
One thing about me is I have been steamrolled allot by my problems.
So in take I started to lash out of a close community of people.
It got to a point were I did not know what I was doing.
I was trying to help but I just steamrolled over everyone.

This my post from one of my blogger accounts.