Apple is not apple of the past.

Like the down fall of all popular companies and large governmets. Apple is no expection greed will be its down fall. Its just a matter of time before the comsumers relizes that  they are paying for technology that is far less of quility then when there was alot of competition. Competition brings lower prices becasue you have more choses to buy from. Were there is less competion there are less chooses and and thus its more expensive to buy something,when there is allot of competition.  Competion makes products cheaper. For I like competition its good for the growth of the economy. For why would you pay for something that was  $1000 for something that should cost only $200 with competiton. I don’t why you would. Apple is great to get others to try to beat them at there game. The new leaders of apple are all about greed and steve jobs care more for inovation than what is now. The apple io6 is an example they rushed the product to market faster than they should of.  The maps were of poor quality and  apple is scrambling what google took 10 years to do. Google will probally sue apple of maping technology. and thus the greed is on again with both companies. 


Competion is what we need and not the other way around. 

Apple is not apple of the past. 

Apple is apple of greed and total maket share.