God’s will and mine!

I feel like What is God will for my life. At times I don’t then at times I don’t always listen to what he is saying to do. I was not put online with all this knowledge unless it is for a greater good. God has a great plan for me in Social media, but the problem is how it will be used for his will.  At times I forget all the blessing he has given me. Many of them most people don’t have the time or patients. I have to remember I have been given trials and tribulations to test and strengthen me. Yes we all fall down but we all have to get up again. Yes I have some problems but its doesn’t slow down God. God gives us only what we are able to handle no more no less. With this God has plans for the Good and not for the worse. The computer is both a curse and a blessing at the same time. Those who know what i’m talking about know what I mean. But because of this sin I have in my life Most of the skills and knowledge I have now would’ve never happened. And I am able to help many people now than I ever could in person. Some people say otherwise, others say I can heal I will be the way i am all the time which is not the case. The skills I have learned online are more than i ever could have gotten through an associated degree. Yes College is needed for some people but it was more of a hinderance than a plus. Yes I may be living with my parents. At times I have wanted to move but something kept holding me back. I know what. God held me back to learn many skills online that I otherwise never would’ve able to get. My typing skills have improved over a great deal. My computer skills are well above most people. I understand Social media not just use it like most people. I play  free and paid games online, not sure exactly what that is for yet. But God has a plan. I have made networks of people around the world I would’ve not been able too if I was doing something else.