Wanted to start a business, Autism got in the way!

I wanted to start a business, in a free country you should be to. Without all the red tape which only the smart of the smartest are able to go through. I was trying to start one I plan gave up 100%. It doesn’t mean I haven’t commited to read and build connections. When A person like (me) do anything with some sort of disability is very hard. Autism is a very annoying problem which I have. What I can Talk and say on the computer I can’t do in person. One thing all people with autism have Anger problems. Depression and anxiety are common. Both which I have. Sure I can build online connections it is not the same as having real connections. Heck I can become someone and network with many people who I could never even remotely have connections with in real life. People say what do you do. Don’t work, unemployed, on disability. Do you know what it is like to say that. and you wonder why I can’t have long term friends. Most people all they want is your money and connections. Sure I have made some great connections online. I have made a few offline as well. In the end I want to have a conversation just like everyone else. So , I type most of the time.


Nimble A high end CRM with social media integrated.

I was looking for a tool like this for a long time. A CRM combined with social media. Last week I was on Chris voss’s profile, he had mentioned Nimble. So, I  watched “The Chris Voss Show” interview with John Ferrara the creator of Nimble. I said to myself “Wow I can finally organize my contacts and keep track of their social media profiles as well”. Nimble pulls a summary of all there info so you don’t have to.


All People Have Purpose

All people that you know in real life and online. They all have purpose. Why are you friends with them? Some of them are business professionals you have but can’t really use the services because you don’t have a business yet. Some are just plan cool to talk to. Others are your friends with but don’t know why you became friends with them in the first place. With me some contacts are like that. But I generally don’t delete people from my friends list unless they break one rule I have.  If you are out spoken anti-Israel I would break all contacts with you. There are some people I know they are but they are not outspoken about it. But we all in some sort of category. If I had the skills to organize better than I would have a hit website buy now, but I don’t. I do have some Ideas on how this website would love and feel. But one thing I don’t have is the money to actually produce the Ideas I have. Skills come in to play as well. But in the end the site would be based on helping people. Some areas would be social media, with sub categories.  In the end I just have lot of contacts. Not sure how to organize the contacts I have so I might be able to use there services latter in time.