Bless people through love

Closer I get to God more things happen. both good and bad. Do I bless or do I curse. It is difficult for me to hate even those who I know who Are lost. I want to try to help even if it destroys my reputation. God Knows my heart. What you see is not always what my heart and God is working on. To learn you must expose your self to wickedness. Even if it means making some not to smart moves. How can you help unless you know what goes throw the head of the helpless the people who think all have turned the backs on. I see a hurt and hurting people around the world looks for a way to love but yet they have no clue or do not want to know that love. Sex never helps it can in fact make the problem far worse. I said to God years ago I would never have sex unless I get married. This means I do not date to not have the remote temptation. Sure, i am tempted but I know God will keep you safe if it in his will.   


Nimble A high end CRM with social media integrated.

I was looking for a tool like this for a long time. A CRM combined with social media. Last week I was on Chris voss’s profile, he had mentioned Nimble. So, I  watched “The Chris Voss Show” interview with John Ferrara the creator of Nimble. I said to myself “Wow I can finally organize my contacts and keep track of their social media profiles as well”. Nimble pulls a summary of all there info so you don’t have to.