To grow you need to be different!

As much as I post and as crazy and strange things are. I can post really out landish things if I wanted too. I keep things tame for the most part not to upset too many people. But, if I am going into a new web area all bets are off at least for a few weeks to months. until I can test what people will bear. I have gained enough info I will start pulling back enough to merge it in to the rest of my networks for a new growth. Many things I do online are mainly for growth and to expand my networks. Almost everything I do online is to build a bigger network in all areas. I found one that is controversial in what I thought was going to be and I can integrate it far better than the other one. You must constantly develop new marketing techniques to expand. If I do not support it I do not post it. Simple. I support far more things than just biblical moral areas.

As Crazy as it may sound….

As crazy as it may sound I am not as nuts as you may think I am. i just like to open doors bigger and deeper than most care to try to. Not in the everyday ways as everyone else. I have to open them very different. I can open them and persecute those who do not agree with me. Or I can say I have this problem for a long time. and slowly open it to more people. I am not perfect. Many people I know yes they do have there heads screwed on right. I do as well. I just do not have the same thought process as many people. I try to build connections with the gifts I have. If this means having a gun pointed at me from the Christian or very conservative community So be. I am very much saved I am just reaching out to people who need the help. More than the average person. I understand those who have big mental problems. Most people I am unable to help even if they come to me in person. I can tell more about people than you think I do. all people who are this sensitive to the spirit can as well. You just have to let God lead your ways. No, I am not doing any thing different in public now. I have always talked to the LGBTIAQ+ areas online. But, I have never Used my name publicaly saying things. In order to do what I am doing I had to become strong enough to hold back the back lash from the Christian community. The area you find tends to me more closed minded than most of the even far left people I talk to on a regular basis. I do research everything people say online as they are talking. I do look into everyone who are the closed to me. Those who use fake names I do not believe one bit. Even if I say I do.

Some more background on me and My gayness.

God knows our hearts. He fixes things as the winds blow. Prayer helps a lot. I could never have a story about how I was saved deep down I knew How can I save/ bring people to the lord when sin in keeping me in bondage. This male attractions is nothing new. It won’t be a fast healing either. God heals in his time. Not ours. All Through school people would call me names. most of the name were very right on. Gay and Fag were not wrong about me. I just could hide it very well from most people. Yep, I would be looking at the other guys in the room more than the girls. Never really cared for them. I just went with the flow of things. IT was not worth another total mental break down to try to hide who I am. Gay…sorta. So, I decided on 9/12/2015 to come out on Facebook. The anxiety, stress, depression went way down. I am far happier now than I was. Try to hide sin for too long it will cause all sorts of things. Day by day I am accepting. What sin causes. But, God has a plan for me not to destroy me but to bless me and through me to others. I will have ups and way downs. If you see me join lots of Gay communities/ sites/ networks Yep that is me. Hope it won’t last too long. Generally if it is the true me I will use my real name.

Jeremiah 29:11New International Version (NIV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosperyou and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Coming out as Christian GAY

This may come as a shock to some of you. I am Gay. I came out on Facebook on 9/12/15. Over the coming weeks and months I will fill you in.

This post will be very fragmented in the thoughts and pretty much everything. So, you can correct me but if you say i am going to hell I will block you no matter how long I have been following you. So, links would be fine.

Do you know what An old  school friend knew I was gay for years.

I am A Christian first, Gay second. and yes I do like hot sexy muscular men. Lust (sin) is the biggest problem with anyone. Now pride is another sin. most great nations fell because of pride. USA is on the very of collapse because of Pride.

I knew I was for many years. kids always called me gay. I knew I was for many years. I did much reaserch on it to see if I was not. Being gay is natural as far as I can research.

Ripped off again.

Sounds like something is not right here!

Appalachian Aspie part two.

How do you live on ten freaking dollars? That’s how much my payee sent me. this week.I am getting less money from the stupid payee than I did before a voucher started covering most of my rent! Everybody seems to think I have no right to my own funds. Then they gripe when I don’t buy clothes and sheets and food. And do laundry. Have no money in my pocket! then claim I am wasting funds. How can I be wasting it when I’m struggling so hard it’s destroying me? That I’m worthless garbage and so no right to the basics needed to live. After all I’m handicapped. Maybe to live at all. Nobody will help me. If I really am garbage with “no right to live” then maybe I shouldn’t live any longer. Been thinking that way a lot. I can’t take this anymore. The hate and poverty. And…

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Verizon Kills Off Subsidies And Contracts, Simplifies Data Plans

This is great news They just have to lower the base price to include the smart phone as well.


Verizon announced a brand new line-up of monthly plans for new customers. Following T-Mobile’s model, plans are now a bit cheaper and easier to understand. But you should expect to pay more for your phone as Verizon (TechCrunch’s parent parent company) will only sell you unsubsidized phones.

Here’s how it’s going to work. All plans come with unlimited voice and texts and starts at $30 per month. But for $30, you only get 1GB. If you need more data, you can pay $45 for 3GB, $60 for 6GB or $80 for 12GB. Chances are you are going to use your SIM card in a smartphone. The access fee will cost you $20 for a smartphone. So these new plans are not excessively cheaper than the old ones.

If you want to share these data plans with other devices, connecting a tablet costs $10 per month. For the 12 smartwatch owners…

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