Why I still live at home and not working the simple version.

I still live at home for medical reasons. Can I take care of my self Do not know. Why leave when you have most things provided. I do cut the grass and do a lot of the heaven lifting as well when they ask me. If you do not have a medical reason to get a job by all means try to get a job. Would love to be able to be normal. The most normal I have is writing this. I have found I like to write. I just do not have the patents or focus to stay on one topic instead of dozens. Yep, that way losing focus the last few sentences. People say you look fine get a job. Yeah getting a job for anyone is hard. But when you factor in Autism, ADD, Depression, Anxiety, and OCD. It can be down right impossible especially when You act not so normal. And then their is anger problem that really acts up when I am too stressed or too much change happens too fast. If I am angry I need to leave if I can’t I tend to explode. I do not want to hit anyone so keep to as small events as possible. This means many, many lonely nights. And then you factor in I came out gay as well. Plus A firm believer in Christ. Autism + Christian + Autism and other problems + gay = A very bad combination.


Anger, Autism and The spirit of the lord.

Sorry, I can’t keep my cool at times. I will say Almost all people who have a form of #Autism have a very short temper/ anger problem. The anger is not because it is from us. It is because you don’t understand us. Heck even doctors don’t understand us. Most people think oh get a job… it is hard for you but near impossible for us. Try missing some important social communication skills. Even as I grow older and learn little by little. I still have problems. Job what is a job have not had a job in many years. Sure i have big dreams. This doesn’t mean my skills are easily translated to money. When you have some communication problems you have trouble getting jobs. Heck most faces look the exact same way. Nothing. I is hard for me to tell if you are happy or not. Can’t really tell even if you are angry. So, we have to use the 6th sense. You can call it witchcraft but it is not. Yes many people who are autistic are atheists. I’m not, I am a Christian. The spirit of the lord helps me to comfort those who are hurting. A lot of times a simple touch from me calms people down. They don’t know why. The spirit of the lord moves through me naturally. Our spirits communicate and talk to each other we don’t know what they are saying but God knows.

God is….

I got a spam site called ”      ” the site said there is not god. I have to if there was no god, there would be no earth, no sky no anything. Nothing more to say but All of you say there is no god look around you look at the earth and the heavens.  And say there  is no god. You are the ones who don’t see the light of what God’s great gift has given us life. And Son who died for all of us.

I know what I have is from God.

I know what I have is from God. I know it can be all taken away in a second. I am blessed beyond means. At times I think How can I have so little but so much. Why? I live with my parents. My treasures are in heaven. Give and you will be given unto you. Bless and you will be blessed. My growth comes From my absolute support for Israel and my salvation is Jesus as lord and savior! You can’t Be a Christian and hate the Jews or Israel. God considers that as lukewarm. You are spit out faster than a non-believer. Curse and you will be cursed bless and you will be blessed. It doesn’t mean you give Israel money. It means you publically support Israel. I will not stop supporting Israel for money, food or even shelter. Why I put my faith and wellbeing alone.