To grow you need to be different!

As much as I post and as crazy and strange things are. I can post really out landish things if I wanted too. I keep things tame for the most part not to upset too many people. But, if I am going into a new web area all bets are off at least for a few weeks to months. until I can test what people will bear. I have gained enough info I will start pulling back enough to merge it in to the rest of my networks for a new growth. Many things I do online are mainly for growth and to expand my networks. Almost everything I do online is to build a bigger network in all areas. I found one that is controversial in what I thought was going to be and I can integrate it far better than the other one. You must constantly develop new marketing techniques to expand. If I do not support it I do not post it. Simple. I support far more things than just biblical moral areas.


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