As Crazy as it may sound….

As crazy as it may sound I am not as nuts as you may think I am. i just like to open doors bigger and deeper than most care to try to. Not in the everyday ways as everyone else. I have to open them very different. I can open them and persecute those who do not agree with me. Or I can say I have this problem for a long time. and slowly open it to more people. I am not perfect. Many people I know yes they do have there heads screwed on right. I do as well. I just do not have the same thought process as many people. I try to build connections with the gifts I have. If this means having a gun pointed at me from the Christian or very conservative community So be. I am very much saved I am just reaching out to people who need the help. More than the average person. I understand those who have big mental problems. Most people I am unable to help even if they come to me in person. I can tell more about people than you think I do. all people who are this sensitive to the spirit can as well. You just have to let God lead your ways. No, I am not doing any thing different in public now. I have always talked to the LGBTIAQ+ areas online. But, I have never Used my name publicaly saying things. In order to do what I am doing I had to become strong enough to hold back the back lash from the Christian community. The area you find tends to me more closed minded than most of the even far left people I talk to on a regular basis. I do research everything people say online as they are talking. I do look into everyone who are the closed to me. Those who use fake names I do not believe one bit. Even if I say I do.


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