Some more background on me and My gayness.

God knows our hearts. He fixes things as the winds blow. Prayer helps a lot. I could never have a story about how I was saved deep down I knew How can I save/ bring people to the lord when sin in keeping me in bondage. This male attractions is nothing new. It won’t be a fast healing either. God heals in his time. Not ours. All Through school people would call me names. most of the name were very right on. Gay and Fag were not wrong about me. I just could hide it very well from most people. Yep, I would be looking at the other guys in the room more than the girls. Never really cared for them. I just went with the flow of things. IT was not worth another total mental break down to try to hide who I am. Gay…sorta. So, I decided on 9/12/2015 to come out on Facebook. The anxiety, stress, depression went way down. I am far happier now than I was. Try to hide sin for too long it will cause all sorts of things. Day by day I am accepting. What sin causes. But, God has a plan for me not to destroy me but to bless me and through me to others. I will have ups and way downs. If you see me join lots of Gay communities/ sites/ networks Yep that is me. Hope it won’t last too long. Generally if it is the true me I will use my real name.


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