Coming out as Christian GAY

This may come as a shock to some of you. I am Gay. I came out on Facebook on 9/12/15. Over the coming weeks and months I will fill you in.

This post will be very fragmented in the thoughts and pretty much everything. So, you can correct me but if you say i am going to hell I will block you no matter how long I have been following you. So, links would be fine.

Do you know what An old  school friend knew I was gay for years.

I am A Christian first, Gay second. and yes I do like hot sexy muscular men. Lust (sin) is the biggest problem with anyone. Now pride is another sin. most great nations fell because of pride. USA is on the very of collapse because of Pride.

I knew I was for many years. kids always called me gay. I knew I was for many years. I did much reaserch on it to see if I was not. Being gay is natural as far as I can research.


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