Verizon Kills Off Subsidies And Contracts, Simplifies Data Plans

This is great news They just have to lower the base price to include the smart phone as well.


Verizon announced a brand new line-up of monthly plans for new customers. Following T-Mobile’s model, plans are now a bit cheaper and easier to understand. But you should expect to pay more for your phone as Verizon (TechCrunch’s parent parent company) will only sell you unsubsidized phones.

Here’s how it’s going to work. All plans come with unlimited voice and texts and starts at $30 per month. But for $30, you only get 1GB. If you need more data, you can pay $45 for 3GB, $60 for 6GB or $80 for 12GB. Chances are you are going to use your SIM card in a smartphone. The access fee will cost you $20 for a smartphone. So these new plans are not excessively cheaper than the old ones.

If you want to share these data plans with other devices, connecting a tablet costs $10 per month. For the 12 smartwatch owners…

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