Online Social Reputation Scores do they matter?

Reputation is great, but online reputation is another thing.

You can have a high score online but this doesn’t mean it adds up to real life money making potential.

What you can do online is one thing. But if you don’t know how to market your skill set you have self learned or have gone through a college then what is the use of learning those skills.

You can be on hundreds of networks but what is the use if you are not making money.


Money is nice but do we really need it.

We could be like start track and grow by the accomplishments we do. Not monetary value. This would be a would I would love to live in.

Short on thoughts but money is nice If you have a very stable brain or have mentors that can help you build a business.

I would love to have a business. I don’t have a mentor to help me. I don’t think I could even remotely handle the stress of it either.

Reputation is nice but money is better! Money is not Good what so ever!


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