Dreams of coding. or not…

We all have big dreams. Some of which will come true. Others like my dream of creating a new social media network may never come true. This doesn’t mean I can’t make great connections. I guess at times I think what is the use of me doing anything If I can’t make money at it. Problem is I don’t have a patients to even learn coding. The only way I could do that is to buy a whole new computer dedicated only to one thing. No games, No social just learning how to code. I would have to have my other computer locked down to only focus on coding. The main issue is I want to do too many things. No coding no new network. My brain is filled with too much stuff to even worry about a new skill. There are Schools specialized for people like me. In order for that to happen I would have to become a brainwashed liberal to go back to school. Yes Most christians who go to school get brainwashed. That is one of the reasons why i have not gone back to school. Don’t care to be brainwashed with classes that have absolutely nothing to do with coding. 1st steep in my goal is to get a separate computer to just learn coding. The one I have does everything. That is what it was for still is.


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