Wanted to start a business, Autism got in the way!

I wanted to start a business, in a free country you should be to. Without all the red tape which only the smart of the smartest are able to go through. I was trying to start one I plan gave up 100%. It doesn’t mean I haven’t commited to read and build connections. When A person like (me) do anything with some sort of disability is very hard. Autism is a very annoying problem which I have. What I can Talk and say on the computer I can’t do in person. One thing all people with autism have Anger problems. Depression and anxiety are common. Both which I have. Sure I can build online connections it is not the same as having real connections. Heck I can become someone and network with many people who I could never even remotely have connections with in real life. People say what do you do. Don’t work, unemployed, on disability. Do you know what it is like to say that. and you wonder why I can’t have long term friends. Most people all they want is your money and connections. Sure I have made some great connections online. I have made a few offline as well. In the end I want to have a conversation just like everyone else. So , I type most of the time.


5 Comments on “Wanted to start a business, Autism got in the way!”

  1. Hi Jesse. I know what you mean about how hard it is to make real connections. because of Autism. And the NT community doesn’t make it easier. I think everyone on the spectrum needs to make connections offline. And educate people about the reality of life on the spectrum. But try to get those with Autism to leave Twitter or Facebook. It’s as if they don’t want to actually reach anybody and educate them. Just make a lot of noise in a small virtual room. We all need face to face human connections. If those of us on the spectrum would move beyond virtual reality and reach out to each other in the real world, it would make a big difference.

    • I have been trying to make some more offline connections. Some hits some misses. Now trying to educate those who don’t understand is the hard part. Most people still think it is in your head. Huh? Yes, it may be in my head but it doesn’t mean I can’t make use of the abilities it has given me.

      • Oh Jesse, how much I can relate to what your saying!! Are there any other Autistics you can reach out to? I live in the worst state for someone who has a disability Especially Autism. There is some sort of Autism vacuum here. I do not know another person offline who is Autistic. No therapy. Stigma is amazing and painful. And the atmosphere here is definitely not one of treatment. People are very intolerant of those who are different here. And I feel so isolated. Even the ones who are supposed to Help” me make things much worse and disappear. They do nothing to help. It feels like there is hostility to a degree from everyone here. I have no friends besides my dear cat. Have gotten no help in finding others on the spectrum. Wish you lived nearby. We could talk to each other.

      • What type of online social media network presence do you have? I have found that by exponentially growing online is helping me offline. A vast majority of people Who I talk to are business people. I figure If I can do things offline I will learn online. Skills I need. Like better typing skills and communication skills. I may be growing slower than if I was in college but it is at a rate I can handle with out having a break down. Too much stress with anything Causes me to go into a depressive state which can last from a few hours to weeks. But, I have to remember even if no on really understand me. God will always be there even if I don’t think he is there he will always be there. Focus on God everything else will come in play.

      • Thank you Jesse! 🙂

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