Why build a ning community?

I have been wanting to build a community for a while now. I figure If I am spread out so much and can’t dedicate my time to a single platform, I would create my own. I signed up for ning a few days ago. Really have no clue what i’m doing yet. I was thinking it would take me a few weeks to build it out Nope!  More like a few months. I have many things to figure out before I can even some people. It will be a free community for the most point. I will offer exclusive discounts from my connections that I trust. You ask me why would I spend the money to build a community that may never grow. You have to take risks. I would be glad to make enough to support it with in the next year. I have many things to work out. Somethings many never happen. I will have groups for all my main things I support and do. Both local and web based. 


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