Creative writing and not editing even if I spell words wrong or even bad grammar!

I’m going to start to write everyday or try to. I will not fix any mistackes waht so ever. not grammor errors not speeleing errosa. No nothing. In order to improbe my writing i must write more not less. more will make me improve my thoughts and gather ideas to grow my networks of networks. Yes I know thoise seams to be counter productive but I say my typing skills and speeds will improve at the same time. this is will not be the only thing I write about I will make good posts out of my old psots. people thin you must spell the write words all the time you should but we are not perfect or even gods. we are human we make mistakes you even do. if you think you are perfect and nothign is wrong with you. you are not perfect but you tend to be the odd one out it you think you are perfect. I’m not perefect your not perfect nor is yoru children . why i write off and on the spend the next few hours fixing my work the first few mins of writeing are easy but the grammor and spelling puctuation is not. I use a program called grammaorly to help with it some. it is not a free program works pretty well. it is robot tyope thing progrma. it has several modes to help you learn abotu propergrammar rules. it is a great program. its abotu 128 per year. it was good at first them i don’t use it much now as i did. this post is nto about rating what so ever. I really don’t care if i get many views or even if people follow me. this is all abotu me and not you buit in reallity it is about you if i can improve my writing them but small posts will be come bigger and bigger my grammor will improve as well. and so on this is my bigger articles right now! I say I wernt to some collge did nto think my “D” in english matter much but it does. Grades can’t show what I can do they never have. My skills will come to need why my life is needed. not before. Tests are nto real so it is not real so my brain things it is not real so it will not bring out the informmation too fast. i learn about 50% slower but when I hav the information I improve on it very fast and try to figure new ways of doing things. most of my skills are hands on and by just watching people doiing somthng. try to have a mind that you think is wrng but inreality you are one of smarter thinkers out there. I don’t or processinformation as uo do. how I am typeing is how my brain workld s multfuntions at times but not all the time. if I want to do somethign i can/ but if ti says I cant it wount. type to be my brain its not fun most epople would jump of a bridge have thouth of that many times. having amental disordwers and phycsological progblema does help. try to have some speach imparments nad people communication skeioll and a host of tother condition s say you would nto want to justp of a brifdge. life is life you only have one. the one thing that keeps me ali ve is God my family and feidfns that i have. m,y faith in my laod and saviro jesus christ as lord and savior. with out that i would have killed my slef a long time aogo. gods word give life it doesn’t kill you sin kills yousins of others will kill you. chemicals kill you wasting thing skills you but God doesn’t kill you kill.  


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