These Aren’t The Patent Trolls You’re Looking For

Patent troll is when you buy a patents that you did not create and research, then sue!


Editor’s note: Leonid (“Lenny”) Kravets   is an IP attorney focusing on corporate development and strategy at InterDigital Communications, which develops technology for mobile devices, networks, and services. Lenny is a member of InterDigital’s Innovation Partners team, helping to create market value through external sourcing and incubation of technologies complementary to InterDigital’s internal innovation.

Over the past few years, the debate over so-called “patent trolls” has risen to a fever pitch. Businesses of all sizes have complained about the “horrible” effects of patent trolls. Legal scholars are performing studies to determine their impact. Every branch of the federal government has become involved in attempts to limit their efficacy: President Obama has issued Executive Orders on the issue; several patent reform bills are being debated in Congress; and the Supreme Court will hear a record number of patent cases in the 2014 term. All this, but no one has yet defined what a…

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