Rapture what rapture?

Rapture what rapture. For my people who go out and preach my name no matter the costs. They will be killed because. People do not want to know the truth. Heads will role because they will not obey what is told. For I say you are to die once. Be judged once. Many people will die because of my name but it will not be the one who you think it will be. There are many of my children who have went astray and do not know my face or heart. There are many who say they are for me but don’t know my heart. But I have to say there are those who can tell. Even if they can’t say they do know. Those who you think are the least of society are not the least but the strongest of the strong not in amount of friends or education but there hearts. You say they don’t know what they are saying or why they say it but I know. They preach the word to those I choose. You do have the free will to not follow me but I say if you don’t you will go mad. Why do my children blown themselves up. They do this because they have seen the light but refuse to listen to my voice. They know what they are doing is wrong but they do it anyways. You know you sin but you do it any ways. It is mans body that sins. If your spirit chooses to follow me I will take your sin from you. Some are healed instantly other are healed over a period of many years. But in the end All will bow before me.


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