In Jesus name!

People say in jesus name.  

In jesus name I am healed by the blood of the lamb. 

In Jesus name I caste out the wickedness of this world. 

In Jesus name you are healed. 

In Jesus name I caste out the demons.

In Jesus name can be used at the beginning of a prayer or at the beginning.  

We live in the beginning of the end of days. These simple words will get your head cut off.  In Jesus name they persecute you because that is what the spirit tells them. It is not the spirit of God. My true abilities are the ability to understand demons. I may have some problems. But when my time is. God will awake my voice.  My time is not yet.  My son when you wake people will come to you know knowing why. My spirit will bring them to you. You will see things and hear things even most followers of mine can’t even understand. Casting out true wickedness is given as a gift and a curse. The world says it a curse. I say my voice will flow through those who least expect. As the world gets darker so will my spirit get stronger. There is a saying that faith as small as a mustard seed will be able to move a mountain. This is saying those who are the least and you think don’t know much will be leaders. Leaders are born or given the supernatural gift to lead. Some for evil and others for my Good.  


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