A Primer on the Laffer Curve to Help Understand Why Obama’s Class-Warfare Tax Policy Won’t Work

Those who don’t understand economic raise taxes to try to help the poor. In fact by having more regulation “red tape”. You make people who want to start a business Like me quit altogether. I would love to have a business Too much red tape and too high of taxes made me say its not worth it. I could not handle even trying to figure out a basic sales tax form. Never made money but lost money. I’m just not a sales type guy. I’m more like a person who like to be in the back ground of everything. This is why i’m building a Social media networks to hopefully find the right people to fill my dreams of building the next big social network. It may never get of the ground. From talking to people I have found Its way to complicated and those who have Had a great Idea failed at it. Online its easier to do things but it doesn’t make it any easier than offline. I still get the same amount of stress. I just can pass it around to more blogs and people.

International Liberty

My main goal for fiscal policy is shrinking the size and scope of the federal government and lowering the burden of government spending.

But I’m also motivated by a desire for better tax policy, which means lower tax rates, less double taxation, and fewer corrupting loopholes and other distortions.

One of the big obstacles to good tax policy is that many statists think that higher tax rates on the rich are a simple and easy way of financing bigger government.

I’ve tried to explain that soak-the-rich tax policies won’t work because upper-income taxpayers have considerable ability to change the timing, level, and composition of their income. Simply stated, when the tax rate goes up, their taxable income goes down.

And that means it’s not clear whether higher tax rates lead to more revenue or less revenue. This is the underlying principle of the Laffer Curve.


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