Andrew Cuomo is Bad For Business In NY

If you are conservative or don’t agree with Andrew Cuomo, don’t start in New York . They don’t want your free market thinkers. They want staves to the system!

American Glob

A few years ago, when Chik-Fil-A was the latest object of the left’s Two Minutes Hate, then Boston Mayor Tom Menino opened his fat mouth and said the successful fast food company wasn’t welcome in Boston.

While progressives cheered his big bold stance on equality, everyone in Boston who was concerned with the staggering unemployment rate for young people, particularly minority young people, shook their heads in disbelief.

Although it’s largely unknown by progressives, one of the main tasks of mayors, governors and other civic leaders is to attract businesses and jobs to their city or state.

When a leader instead goes on the record using extreme partisan politics to forbid people he or she disagrees with from doing business in their city or state, they are essentially killing business and the creation of jobs for the very people they are supposed to serve.

Governor Cuomo has walked back his…

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