Can’t cry over spilled milk.

I say the current church is not strong enough which it provides the basic needs a close nit church body. Its not perfect but at least my mother like it so do I. Its just a stepping stone to find a new church. I feel god called me there not to be a registered member in any church. My church registration means nothing but Gods church is in his heart alone. Sure I help out. We all move along many different ways. I have to say  past church was a church of healing. This church now is stepping stone in life. The next one will be a new in process of forming right now. But I don’t know which churches God has called me too. There are 5 now. My skills and abilities can’t be used in one church but many. One church is not me. I go where people call to help. Those who are hurting, we comfort. Those who are sick we pray for. Those who don’t know the lord we provide compassion. Compassion brings people to know the lord. Its not throwing the bible at them its through your love that brings them to you. A word hear and there will help open there hearts but only when God allows it. Not before! The word is living. People forget that. Having the best looking building doesn’t bring people to you, your hearts do. Don’t forget if you spend hundreds of thousands on buildings what else could have you done to spread the compassion around. Mega churches are not biblical what so ever. You lose the feeling of community. I lost the community at the last one. It just got to big. It looked to sterile which is has become. That is why I left. It was to organized. Too straight and narrow. Becoming Too selfish / legalistic. When I tied to say some thing I felt like they knew better for me. People grow at different rates. At times I felt like they could not provide the compassion I needed. Nor could they use my skills with out taking classes. That was my big problem, the classes were fine to a point. But, then I felt like it was requirement to go on mission trips. The website needs a lot of help as well. I could go on and on what could be done to fix the social media presence, but I left. That is the past. Can’t cry over spilled milk. 


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