The end.

Everyday we here about the end is near. But is it really? If you are a christian who believes in the end times. The answer is yes. But if you don’t believe in that, is the end really near? We could have a asteroid hit us. Like it did with Dinosaurs (I’m not too sure it really happened that way.) We have had large rocks hit us in the past and we will in the future as well. No one really knows what will kill us first nature or humans. I would probably guess Humans. You need the freedom of both speech and low to no government intrusion for there to be inventions that will help humanity. No, I don’t mean implanting humans with microchips. That is wrong in all ways. Will I ever take a Microchip? Nope! But in the end we all die either bye nature or by man/ government. Most people die because of polices that keep new treatments off the market. If you think your government knows what is best for you think again. They don’t and never have. All through history when you get too powerful you just kill off those who you don’t agree with. This is what is starting to happen the the USA. We have leaders who say what is the best for us. In reality all they want is our money.  This is the beginning of the end of the American experiment.  We ran away to create a new place where we could create and invent new ways of thinking. We did we fought and died for this, but its coming time to fight for out freedoms again. This time no one will win. This is the beginning of end of america and what it once stood for.  


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