Don’t Let:Negative, Small-Minded People Steal Your Joy!

Be Better Not Bitter

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Thank you Jesus! Mighty is our God and His works. I want to encourage you today to not give thought to those who criticize you, those who don’t give you credit where credit is due. I realize you can try to meet other people approval, but always seem to fail. Let me give you some spiritual advice. Don’t entertain Negative people. Pray for them!

Sometimes you have to loose (cut-off) those negative friendships, and relationships that always looking to critique you, or looking for a free handout. Some people will never realize your worth. Don’t waste your time with negative people. I have learned not to waste my time getting approval, seeking others opinions of me. Small-minded people are always belittling you, or finding fault. Oh, or trying to make you jealous or feel inadequate!

Many would not be happy with your blessings from God. Some will just need to know…

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