Turning people on the Autism spectrum into tech innovators

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Editors Note: Dan Selec is the founder and CEO of the nonPareil Institute – a hybrid school and software company in Plano, Texas that teaches adults on the autism spectrum to write and develop apps, video games and iBooks.

Jesse Garboden‘s insight:

Most people don’t realize that autism does have its drawbacks, but we don’t need everything a normal person needs. We have social and learning difficulties but its doesn’t mean we don’t know how to do things. I’m smart, but don’t let the lack of a college education say i’m not smart. I quite college because there was too many cut backs on the supporting services. I need about two hours of tutor for ever one hour of class time. I Learn a little slower than everyone else but it doesn’t mean I’m not as smart. I just learn differently. Manly 100% hands on learning.

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One Comment on “Turning people on the Autism spectrum into tech innovators”

  1. Susan Connor says:

    Hi there. I too am on the High Functioning Autism spectrum. Strange to think that It took 50 years to realise that everyone else was apparently normal and that our whole extended family were thought to be ‘weird people’ Why cause 298 of us could not be that strange when it was such a normal thing !!! As you know it’s not what you have but what you do with what you have that makes things so wonderful for us and yet so frustrating.

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