New Gmail Inbox is making me more productive

Empirical Leanings

I’ve been using Gmail now for so many years that I’m not sure I remember what email software I was using before… oh wait… it was Outlook and Exchange Server… never mind. But anyway, regardless, I’ve tried wrappers around Gmail, I’ve tried so many mail clients on my mac and regardless I always end up on Gmail in my browser during the work day.

Running a Social Network means that you end up with a lot of e-mail. As people ping me on all the networks, I rely on e-mail to inform me when something is happening or for me to go check at a set time during the day. This could mean I get an e-mail every few seconds. If you can imagine a person getting bombarded with a super fire cannon filled with small golf balls… well that’s what I feel like. Add a mail notifier to the…

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