Birds of Prey migrating to Northern Israel and multiplying…


Frank DiMora posted this a few days back.  Amazing to see prophecy come to true before our eyes…


Prophecy Sign: Since the Ezekiel war is coming up I want to give you more information about the birds that will be feasting on the enemies of God when the Ezekiel war is over.  First read what we are told by God from Ezekiel 39:17-18  “And as for you, son of man, thus says the Lord God, ‘Speak to every sort of bird and to every beast of the field: “Assemble yourselves and come; Gather together from all sides to My sacrificial meal Which I am sacrificing for you, A great sacrificial meal on the mountains of Israel, That you may eat flesh and drink blood. You shall eat the flesh of the mighty, Drink the blood of the princes of the earth, Of rams and lambs, Of goats and bulls…

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