Is the Church Autistic?

The defining attribute of an autistic person is that they grow inwardly rather than outwardly.

My daughter, Elle, is autistic. My wife and I have to work very hard to engage with her and to get her to engage with us and the world at large. She doesn’t feel any particular pull to do it on her own.

Instead, Elle greatly enjoys watching TV and playing computer games. Then, she will repeat, over and over, script from the shows/games that she likes.

She’ll draw pictures of the characters in the show. She’ll pretend to be one of the characters (her favorite character is Quack from Peep and the Big Wide World).

She’s a wonderful daughter and I love her. But if you don’t engage her, she’ll most likely ignore you, and she’ll simply retreat into her own mind. The stuff she says will seem like complete gibberish .


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