Empire avenue and bugs

Why is it when you do a mission on Empire avenue half the time it times-out on me? I really Dislike this security function of empire avenue. Or, it could be just me but I don’t think so. I spent 20 mins making a mission to help a friend and his business. He does web design for non-profits. But empire avenue timed out on me. Ahhh. This not the first time it has done this to me. I understand most websites have a time out function for security reasons. Why can’t Empire avenue at least save what mission you were working on. So, most of the time I just stop using Empire ave for a few days to cool down and do other objectives. But this is the main Objective I have for right now.


One Comment on “Empire avenue and bugs”

  1. The moment you click on the button to complete the mission, you are credited with the mission completion and you receive the eaves. Then you leave Empire Avenue (while still logged in) to complete the mission. Empire Avenue may log you out, but you are still credited with the completed mission and the eaves. It’s a hassle to log back in, but that’s true of any website that logs you out.

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