Our days of …

Our days are few

but many in the same time

we know how to say

but not how to say

There are many  who know who i am 

But those who know are not of mine 

they know me but don’t obey me

they know of who I am but not what I am

some say i am 

yet others say i’m not but yet others know of me

don’t know of me.

those of who I am

in know me those how i am

knocking knowing me but

there are many who know me but don’t at the say time.

who gives life and not death 

death is not of me 

but of who i am not 

I give life and don’t take it away 

my life  is taken from me fro you 

for you is why I am here is why I am not hear but in you all 

some know some don’t all know me


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