Why do things happen?

This is an age old question of why both good and bad things happen to people.

Things that seam bad at first may be a blessing in disguise.

If your kicked from a certain group it could be that its your fault or you just did not fit in to the group.

Some things happens for reasons out of your control.

Which in my case it was in my control.

But I did not heed the warning and it was to late to fix the problem.

But what if you were accused of something that you did not do.

But, were no were close to the spot

Then What?

What is the question?

How did this happen to me and not another person?

But I know what I did.

Everyone knows what they do even if they they say they don’t.

I did go over board but, did I?

If you jump to conclusions Then you just get beat down and kicked.

For something you should of never wrote.

And because of this you are no longer part of the group.


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