Without focus everything falls apart- Focus can make or break a person.

Without focus everything falls apart. That is what has happened to me. I try to be too many things which I am not. I try to read about too many things I wish I could do in reality all I can do is read about those topics. I tend to read about things that are business in nature. Either how to save money or what will happen in the future or pretty much anything as long as it is interesting and can keep my attention. Or lack their off. I love reading about solar power and urban revitalization. I can read and understand most topics on the planet that is how much I read. I understand enough to hold a short conversation about dozens of areas not any one I can make money at they tend to require more education than I am willing or remotely able to go through with. Sure I would love to have a business. The hold back lack or almost perfect organization. Won’t start something unless I am able to do it. I play games that is one thing I can do. I suck at them as well. All of them. Minecraft and similar games I love the most. but focus is hard for me to manage for anything I do. Even my social media presence i have should only take a person a few hours a week to build nope. Social media is like anything else you must put thousands on hours on learning it. Focus is why I lack a cohesive social media network. Why I blog and post about many things. I tend to try out new posts. Event though I wants posts that tell the truth to get likes and comments but i need to throw most of them under the table. Unless I can mix them in the proper networks to post them on. Focus can make or break a person.

Startups, A Rich Man’s Game

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Despite the Silicon Valley echo chamber, starting a company remains easily among the most risky career moves for workers. The stress of the job can easily lead to burnout or long-lasting mental health issues. Failures, despite being lauded in some corners, still too often harm a founder’s future career prospects.

But the greatest risk of building a new company is almost certainly financial. In addition to the opportunity cost of lost wages working on a startup, there is the serious burden of fueling a company’s early expenses before an accelerator or venture capitalist comes in and drops some capital. It is a common form of founder braggadocio to talk about the $20,000 credit card debt that they are carrying to see their dream come to life.

The kerfuffle over the Crunchies this week was just the latest episode of a long fight over access to entrepreneurship. So far, that…

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Information-stealing ‘Vawtrak’ malware evolves, becomes more evasive

Originally posted on Naked Security:

Skull. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.Vawtrak, as we described in detail in our recent technical paper, is a dangerous banking Trojan that is actively being updated and improved on a regular basis.

As a demonstration of this, SophosLabs has recently observed a few interesting changes made by the Vawtrak authors.

The updates are mostly about disguising where the malware connects when it “calls home” to fetch its instructions on what to do next.

Additionally, the way that Vawtrak communicates with its so-called command-and-control (C&C) servers has been adapted so that the malware’s traffic looks less suspicious.

We have also observed new configuration files being deployed, and an interesting trend in the commands sent back by the C&C servers when an infected computer first checks in.

How Vawtrak stores its data

The first change is to how the list of C&C server addresses is stored inside the Vawtrak program file.

As we…

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Reasons why I do not get a smart phone!

Main reason I have not got a smartphone, Complete waste of money. Main reason to fear full of it getting broken, lost, or main reason stolen. Sure I am losing out on many connections but losing a very expensive device is never worth any connections or growth it may cause. Don’t trust mobile tech what so ever. When you are mobile, you have 100% no privacy what so ever. Unless you encrypt your device that would cost over $500 a year. I do not have $2000 plus a year just for the security needed to keep it from prying eyes. Don’t want any app to know my location, My location data is worth more than keeping up with tech! Pc only apps. At least I can attempt to block some data from leaving. Cell phones you cannot. You have absolute no rights with a smart phone.

Online Social Reputation Scores do they matter?

Reputation is great, but online reputation is another thing.

You can have a high score online but this doesn’t mean it adds up to real life money making potential.

What you can do online is one thing. But if you don’t know how to market your skill set you have self learned or have gone through a college then what is the use of learning those skills.

You can be on hundreds of networks but what is the use if you are not making money.


Money is nice but do we really need it.

We could be like start track and grow by the accomplishments we do. Not monetary value. This would be a would I would love to live in.

Short on thoughts but money is nice If you have a very stable brain or have mentors that can help you build a business.

I would love to have a business. I don’t have a mentor to help me. I don’t think I could even remotely handle the stress of it either.

Reputation is nice but money is better! Money is not Good what so ever!

HealthCare.gov breached, injected with malware


The ACA should have never been enacted. Private business would lose money, gov;t Just don’t care either way!

Originally posted on Naked Security:

Image of syringes courtesy of ShutterstockFederal health officials have discovered that the woebegone US insurance exchange site HealthCare.gov was breached in July when an intruder uploaded malware with the apparent motive of using the system to launch cyberattacks against other sites.

No personal data was taken during the break-in, which was discovered late last month and first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The news should surprise nobody.

Back in November, four cybersecurity experts told Congress that given the site’s security issues, US citizens shouldn’t use HealthCare.gov.

If it hadn’t been hacked already, it would be soon, they said.

This is the first successful, confirmed breach at HealthCare.gov, which went through a wobbly launch last year.

The federal agency responsible for the site, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), told news agencies that officials discovered the breach after noticing a problem with a test server.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security were…

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Anger, Autism and The spirit of the lord.

Sorry, I can’t keep my cool at times. I will say Almost all people who have a form of #Autism have a very short temper/ anger problem. The anger is not because it is from us. It is because you don’t understand us. Heck even doctors don’t understand us. Most people think oh get a job… it is hard for you but near impossible for us. Try missing some important social communication skills. Even as I grow older and learn little by little. I still have problems. Job what is a job have not had a job in many years. Sure i have big dreams. This doesn’t mean my skills are easily translated to money. When you have some communication problems you have trouble getting jobs. Heck most faces look the exact same way. Nothing. I is hard for me to tell if you are happy or not. Can’t really tell even if you are angry. So, we have to use the 6th sense. You can call it witchcraft but it is not. Yes many people who are autistic are atheists. I’m not, I am a Christian. The spirit of the lord helps me to comfort those who are hurting. A lot of times a simple touch from me calms people down. They don’t know why. The spirit of the lord moves through me naturally. Our spirits communicate and talk to each other we don’t know what they are saying but God knows.


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