Reasons why I do not get a smart phone!

Main reason I have not got a smartphone, Complete waste of money. Main reason to fear full of it getting broken, lost, or main reason stolen. Sure I am losing out on many connections but losing a very expensive device is never worth any connections or growth it may cause. Don’t trust mobile tech what so ever. When you are mobile, you have 100% no privacy what so ever. Unless you encrypt your device that would cost over $500 a year. I do not have $2000 plus a year just for the security needed to keep it from prying eyes. Don’t want any app to know my location, My location data is worth more than keeping up with tech! Pc only apps. At least I can attempt to block some data from leaving. Cell phones you cannot. You have absolute no rights with a smart phone.

Online Social Reputation Scores do they matter?

Reputation is great, but online reputation is another thing.

You can have a high score online but this doesn’t mean it adds up to real life money making potential.

What you can do online is one thing. But if you don’t know how to market your skill set you have self learned or have gone through a college then what is the use of learning those skills.

You can be on hundreds of networks but what is the use if you are not making money.


Money is nice but do we really need it.

We could be like start track and grow by the accomplishments we do. Not monetary value. This would be a would I would love to live in.

Short on thoughts but money is nice If you have a very stable brain or have mentors that can help you build a business.

I would love to have a business. I don’t have a mentor to help me. I don’t think I could even remotely handle the stress of it either.

Reputation is nice but money is better! Money is not Good what so ever! breached, injected with malware


The ACA should have never been enacted. Private business would lose money, gov;t Just don’t care either way!

Originally posted on Naked Security:

Image of syringes courtesy of ShutterstockFederal health officials have discovered that the woebegone US insurance exchange site was breached in July when an intruder uploaded malware with the apparent motive of using the system to launch cyberattacks against other sites.

No personal data was taken during the break-in, which was discovered late last month and first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The news should surprise nobody.

Back in November, four cybersecurity experts told Congress that given the site’s security issues, US citizens shouldn’t use

If it hadn’t been hacked already, it would be soon, they said.

This is the first successful, confirmed breach at, which went through a wobbly launch last year.

The federal agency responsible for the site, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), told news agencies that officials discovered the breach after noticing a problem with a test server.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security were…

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Anger, Autism and The spirit of the lord.

Sorry, I can’t keep my cool at times. I will say Almost all people who have a form of #Autism have a very short temper/ anger problem. The anger is not because it is from us. It is because you don’t understand us. Heck even doctors don’t understand us. Most people think oh get a job… it is hard for you but near impossible for us. Try missing some important social communication skills. Even as I grow older and learn little by little. I still have problems. Job what is a job have not had a job in many years. Sure i have big dreams. This doesn’t mean my skills are easily translated to money. When you have some communication problems you have trouble getting jobs. Heck most faces look the exact same way. Nothing. I is hard for me to tell if you are happy or not. Can’t really tell even if you are angry. So, we have to use the 6th sense. You can call it witchcraft but it is not. Yes many people who are autistic are atheists. I’m not, I am a Christian. The spirit of the lord helps me to comfort those who are hurting. A lot of times a simple touch from me calms people down. They don’t know why. The spirit of the lord moves through me naturally. Our spirits communicate and talk to each other we don’t know what they are saying but God knows.

Fragmented and why I decided to try to code.

I am so fragmented across many networks. Purposely joined so many so I can rebuild my main ones when they go down. The only problem with that thinking is… I want to use them all and grow them all..but I can’t no one can. To be honest I really don’t know how many I have joined anymore. Some networks have already died. No big deal sites come and go everyday. Facebook is great at connecting people with businesses. I Figure I can grow faster by trying to join beta social networks. I should set a specific email just for those. Heck Do I get a high out of joining new networks yes I do. Instead of Drugs, I choose growing my social media presence around the world. I learn a lot about new networks as well. I just can’t figure out how to organize all the information in my head to help people with all this knowledge yet. What I would like to do is have a drop down type menu on drop down menu’s on a websites. I can’t afford to build it. So, I figure I need to try to change my mindset into trying to learn how to code.

Dreams of coding. or not…

We all have big dreams. Some of which will come true. Others like my dream of creating a new social media network may never come true. This doesn’t mean I can’t make great connections. I guess at times I think what is the use of me doing anything If I can’t make money at it. Problem is I don’t have a patients to even learn coding. The only way I could do that is to buy a whole new computer dedicated only to one thing. No games, No social just learning how to code. I would have to have my other computer locked down to only focus on coding. The main issue is I want to do too many things. No coding no new network. My brain is filled with too much stuff to even worry about a new skill. There are Schools specialized for people like me. In order for that to happen I would have to become a brainwashed liberal to go back to school. Yes Most christians who go to school get brainwashed. That is one of the reasons why i have not gone back to school. Don’t care to be brainwashed with classes that have absolutely nothing to do with coding. 1st steep in my goal is to get a separate computer to just learn coding. The one I have does everything. That is what it was for still is.

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